BOTC Passport Applications from the UK

How to renew your BOTC passport from the UK

Please note that you can not use the same BOTC Passport form that is used in the Cayman Islands to apply for a BOTC passport in the UK. In the UK you must use the BRITISH PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM, and be sure to mention in the NOTES in Section 8 that you are applying for a BOTC passport.

You can obtain a paper form from your local UK post office. 

Along with the paper form you’ll need:

It is taking longer than usual to process applications due to COVID-19. We recommend you do not apply unless you need a passport urgently for compassionate reasons.

It costs £85. The booklet that comes with the form explains how to pay and where to send the form and supporting documents.

Eligibility for a British Passport:

Information for British overseas territories citizens

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