We wish to inform stakeholders that our London office, in line with other organisations, has decided to take appropriate additional precautions and best practice to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

Our office converted to a remote working model on Tuesday 17 March,  meaning that all staff are working remotely and not in our physical office premises. We wish to reassure that we are fully equipped to work remotely and that we remain fully operational. Accordingly, we remain on hand to support you and anticipate no disruption to service or our work with you. As a reminder, our respective contact details are set out below. We hope you stay healthy during the coming weeks.

Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK
Main Phone Line: 0207 491 7772
Email: info.cigo@gov.ky

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
Main Phone Line: 0207 491 7771
Email: info-uk@caymanislands.ky

Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands
Main Phone Line: 0207 491 5050
Email: CISRUK@cishipping.com

The Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK (CIGO) is situated on Dover Street, in the heart of Mayfair, London.

The Office is an extension of the Cayman Islands Government in the UK and Europe. The Cayman Islands Representative, Mr André Ebanks, invites to you to join the CIGO news network to receive updates of CIGO activity by subscribing here. CIGO’s Annual Briefing and Monthly Newsletter will be circulated to all subscribers from news@cigouk.ky. For our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy please see HERE.

34 Dover Street, London, W1S 4NG
+44 207 491 7772 | info.cigo@gov.ky

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