Coronavirus Testing

Where to get a Covid-19 test if you are in the UK

CIGOUK Disclaimer: This information is for your further research, we are unable to advise on the timing and efficiency of any of the below listings and are unable to recommend a preferred supplier.

Please note that tests for travel to the Cayman Islands must be:

  1. PCR
  2. Swab

Free Testing

National Health Service (NHS)
To be able to get a free home test with the NHS you must be showing symptoms and you have to do the test within the first 5 days. After 5 days you must visit a clinic.

Private Testing

Assured screening (in Durham) – £109
While the clinic is in North East England, the home test kits can be sent anywhere in the UK. Also offer Fit To Fly certificates.

CityDoc – £175
Offer home testing and Fit To Fly certificates.

DocTap – £139
Test and Fit to Fly certificate
Nine sites across central London where patients can take a Covid swab test,  selection is available upon booking your test.



Doctorcall – £149+
Home tests can be sent, or a medical professional came come to your residence and administer the test for you if you are based in London.–covid-19–testing


London Doctors Clinic – £189
Home tests with results in 3 days.



London General Practice – £165-£195
Home test with a video consultation with a doctor to assist you in taking the test.
They also offer Fit to Fly certificates.

Harley Street Health Centre – £175
PCR Swab Test and Fit to Fly Certificates
Coronavirus PCR Swab Testing London – Harley Health Centre


Medinow – £135+
Home test kits available.


Private Coronavirus Tests – £149 – £179
Home test kits. For PCR test and a “back to work” kit that includes both PCR and antibody tests.


Private Harley Street Clinic – £195 – £250
Home tests can be sent, or a medical professional came come to your residence and administer the test for you.


Qured – £129+
Home tests, Fit to Fly certificates and/or home visit from a doctor all available.

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