Guidance to Caymanians overseas based on current UK and Cayman Islands COVID-19 advisories.

UPDATED: 18 March 2020

 Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made UK COVID-19 statement – FULL STATEMENT HERE.

UK schools and universities will close from Friday 20 March 2020. 

Premier Hon Alden McLaughlin has given CIG’s Government update – FULL STATEMENT HERE 

The Premier has confirmed Owen Roberts Airport will be open until 11:59pm on Sunday 22 March 2020. See full statement of Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates HERE. 

Returning residents planning to return to Cayman should seek to do so before Sunday 22 March. 

Concerned Caymanians in the UK and Europe may contact the CIGO-UK on or 020 7491 7772

We wish to inform stakeholders that our London office, in line with other organisations, has decided to take appropriate additional precautions and best practice to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

 Our office has converted to a remote working model, meaning that all staff will be working remotely and not in our physical office premises at least until 14 April 2020. We wish to reassure that we are fully equipped to work remotely and that we remain fully operational. Accordingly, we remain on hand to support you and anticipate no disruption to service or our work with you. As a reminder, our respective contact details are set out below. We hope you stay healthy during the coming weeks.

Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK
Main Phone Line: 0207 491 7772

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
Main Phone Line: 0207 491 7771

Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands
Main Phone Line: 0207 491 5050

Concerned Caymanians in the UK and Europe may contact the CIGO-UK on or 020 7491 7772

Upon returning to the Cayman Islands from the UK YOU MUST SELF ISOLATE FOR 14 DAYS

If you develop a fever, cough or have difficulty breathing please:

  • Call the Public Health Department immediately 244-2621/ 244-2561 before going to a doctor, clinic or hospital.
  • Tell them your travel history and what symptoms you may have.

You will be subject to quarantine and surveillance for up to fourteen days since departing the country with COVID-19 transmission- at a location to be determined by the Medical Officer of Health, which for Residents may be their homes in some circumstances. Non-residents -the quarantine will take place at a quarantine facility as designated by the Medical Officer of Health/ Ministry of Health.


5 Caymanian wanting to return to Cayman not showing any symptoms, has NOT travelled to a Category 1 country in the last two weeks. Currently able to fly and arrive in Cayman with no quarantine, subject to flight availability.
4 Caymanian wanting to return to Cayman not showing any symptoms, as HAS travelled to a Category 1 country in the last two weeks. Able to fly home, may/will be quarantined and tested on arrival.
3 Caymanian HAS travelled to a Category 1 country in the last two weeks and showing symptoms. Must call 111 and advise NHS of the symptoms, must not travel, must receive NHS mobile testing and await results.
2 Caymanian person test results show COVID-19 positive, and wishes to return to Cayman. Must remain in the UK and get treatment from NHS. Must not travel, must be handled through NHS UK, in cases of crisis BOT Citizens are treated as BRITISH CITIZENS in the UK.
1 If there is a major outbreak in the UK, and UK is put on the Category 1 list Caymanians should not expect to travel home. If you are not showing symptoms you may be able to travel home, however flights are not guaranteed and you may be quarantined on arrival. This may change daily.


Category 1 Countries/Areas

  • Wuhan City and Hubei Province (China)
  • Iran
  • Daegu or Cheongdo (Republic of Korea)
  • Northern Italy

Category 2 Countries/Areas

  • Cambodia
  • China*
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy*
  • Japan
  • Laos
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Republic of Korea*
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

* Except areas of the country specifically referred to in Category 1.

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