Information/Resources Round Up – 18 March 2018

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Test Results
No new test results returned today and 44 currently outstanding, confirmed CMO Dr Lee at a press conference this afternoon. (See link below) 

Government Decisions & Policies
Conversation continues on maintaining an air bridge between the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands, Governor and Premier say.

Optional accommodations for self-isolating students:
Young people reminded of mandatory self-isolation requirement for all, with hundreds of students (and others) returning from overseas before Sunday 22 March 2020. This will also be a requirement for friends, family and any who come in contact with them. To ease this burden Government is in discussions with private partners to create a central facility that will allow students aged 18 and older the option to self-isolate away from their families, removing the need for all to self-isolate. Another facility will provide accommodation to essential services personnel. This includes firemen, nurses, doctors and police officers who are family of returning students who choose not to self-isolate with their families in order to report to work. Students and essential persons who seek such accommodation should call the NEOC between 9am and 5pm on 1-800-534-6555. All are reminded to practice social distancing at the airport.

Stipends for public transport providers:
To offset potential loss of business for public transport providers in the coming days, Government will provide a one-time stipend of $600 to be paid by 31 March 2020 for anyone who operates a 15-seater bus, taxi,  tour bus, or dual taxi-tour bus and water sports. This would be to cover the closure period of the airport. Others could be added to the groups receiving stipends in the coming days.

Support for small and medium businesses:
Ministry of Commerce is fast-tracking the opening of the Centre for Business Development to provide services to the public starting Monday, 23 March 2020.  Small and medium sized enterprises with an urgent need for assistance urged to make use of the services which will focus on business continuity, training and coaching in the face of the current crisis. 
Administrative Press Releases/Notices
 Department of Labour and Pensions encourages clients to maintain social distance, by using phone, post and email.DVDL suspends all driving road tests until further notice. Press releases can all be viewed in the press room of, including details of this afternoon’s press conference. 

See latest info here for further details  

*Updated information on website* Advice for returning students

Landfill Fire_Extinguished thanks to tireless work by the Cayman Islands Fire Service and Department of Environmental Health. HERE   

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